Creating jobs through Social Enterprise

Printing calendarWe understand it can be difficult for some of our customers to move directly into work in the open labour market.

Our Social Enterprise operations address this challenge by creating employment opportunities for over 200 people in the following departments:

  • Woodworking (Barnstaple)
    Pluss has been manufacturing high quality bed frames and components for luxury bed manufacturer, ViSpring, for over 20 years.
  • Printing (Somerset)
    As from 22nd April 2016 we have legally transferred the ownership of our print department in Bridgwater to
  • Community Equipment Services and Mobility Showrooms (Devon)
    Pluss delivers Community Equipment Services and runs mobility showrooms to enable people to stay
    in their own homes.
    Visit our Equipment Services website.
  • Future Clean (Leeds)
    Future Clean is our award winning, environmentally friendly car valeting system.

Pluss Traineeship®

Our traineeship programme underpins all our Social Enterprise operations, and offers our customer 4-6 month paid employment placements. The success of this is ensured by our ability to offer a wide variety of job roles and working environments, thus enabling our customers to gain skills and experience, accredited qualifications and a recent work history for their CV.

During their traineeship customers receive targeted support from Pluss’ employment teams to find work within the local labour market.