Pluss celebrates Wrigley partnership

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Wrigley is celebrating the first year of its partnership with Pluss.

Wrigley has worked closely with Pluss over the last 12 months to employ a number of job seekers at the chewing gum manufacturer’s factory site in Plymouth.

The initiative, which has been running since August 2014, has seen Wrigley introduce ten Pluss employees into its workforce. The newcomers have all been allocated to the team responsible for preparing specialist, ‘co-packing’ orders, which are fulfilled manually and requires extra care.

In this capacity, Pluss employees currently support 2% of Wrigley’s exports to the French market – with the potential for this figure to rise to up to 30% within a year.

Kevin Fox, Factory Director at Wrigley, said: "Our partnership with Pluss is extremely important to us – and we are very proud of all we have achieved in the last 12 months. The ten Pluss employees who have joined our team at Wrigley are highly enthusiastic and demonstrate a great passion for their jobs. They each bring so much to the working environment and we are extremely happy to have them on-board. We very much look forward to the continued development of our relationship with Pluss in the coming years."

Mik Belcher, Business Development Executive at Pluss, said: "Pluss is pleased that we are in a partnership with Wrigley that is based on contributing to Wrigley’s business objectives and exemplar standards.

The Pluss team is delivering a high quality, productive service which has been the key driver to the success so far and we look forward to building on this with Wrigley in the coming months. The Pluss staff consider themselves a part of the Wrigley community which is testament to the commitment of all involved. The business and social benefits of this innovative partnership is clear for all to see."