Pluss - Community Equipment recycling

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Pluss provides community equipment that enables people to live independently in their own homes.

We recycle equipment wherever it is economically viable to do so. Our primary consideration is ensuring that our customers receive equipment which is completely safe for them to use.  

We do encourage customers to return equipment to us in a variety of ways. When equipment is returned, we will make an informed decision on whether the item can be reused; this decision is based on the physical condition of the item, and the cost of decontamination and refurbishment, including repainting and the sourcing of replacement parts such as rubber grips.

Where the cost of deep cleaning items and refurbishment is greater than buying a new item of equipment, it does not make economic sense to reissue equipment.

We do not reissue equipment that has suffered excessive wear and tear and cannot be returned to it's original condition for whatever reason. In these instances, the items are sent for reprocessing by specialist metal recycling companies, thereby ensuring that nothing goes to landfill. 

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