Julie's Story

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Julie and Di photograph

Julie Baker from Plymouth recently won the ‘Pluss Achiever of the Year 2016’ award for her personal achievement and dedication in finding paid work.

She was picked as joint winner of the award by William Telford, Business Editor of the Plymouth Herald.

Julie’s words

“My name is Julie Baker.

“I have a learning disability but I really want to be independent. I have a daughter with special needs and I want to be her role model. I also look after my elderly parents. 

“It was my dream to get paid work. I now work as a cleaner for Path and the Theatre Royal. It is brilliant to be in paid work.


“I am hard working, positive and have a good sense of humour. I feel valued and I am very proud of myself.

“I started with work experience at both of them. They liked me and wanted to keep me. The staff asked the managers if I could get paid work.

“They said if they could bottle what I have they would make a fortune.

“So now I have paid work at Path and Theatre Royal. 

"Now I want to find a job over 16 hours so I can come off benefits and achieve my independence”.