Paul's Story

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Paul Carr, 31 from Westward Ho!, is a Domestic Assistant at Donnington and Primrose House (part of Stone Haven Healthcare Ltd).

Paul is hard working, positive and always has a smile on his face. He has a learning Disability.

Pluss delivers Work Choice, the Department for Work and Pensions specialist disability employment programme. Work Choice receives funding from the European Social Fund
for customers referred to the programme prior to 25th April 2017.

Paul’s words

“I clean the cupboards, rooms and bathrooms; make everything nice and tidy.

I enjoy everything about my job. The people are lovely, kind and generous, and we have a laugh.

My skills are that I have a good sense of humour and am a team player. I am polite, kind and work very hard. Also, I am always on time.

Before this I had been in and out of work, and I did voluntary work. I had been searching for jobs but it was hard. I have a learning disability which means I struggle with reading and writing. This had always made things a little bit difficult. 

Now I have done my maths at entry level, 1, 2 and 3. I have also passed my English and I have certificates to prove my skills.

Pluss helped me get this job. It started with a traineeship which I did for one month but then Mary wanted me to start straight away. It felt amazing and it’s not far for me to walk from home. 

I live with others in supported living. They were all jumping for joy when I got the job. I was so happy.

Everyone at Pluss was amazing. I did lots of training which included Health and Safety, Manual Handling, COSHH, Infection Control, Equality and Diversity, and Confidentiality.

It’s has all been absolutely amazing.”

Mary Horsfield, Manager, Donnington and Primrose House (part of Stone Haven Healthcare Ltd)

“Paul is absolutely brilliant. He is good at his cleaning. He knows exactly what he’s doing and I never need to ask him twice. He keeps his paperwork up to date and gets on well with other staff and residents.

Paul is bubbly, always smiling and has a good sense of humour. 

When he fist came here, he would hardly say a word. Now he will talk the hind legs off a donkey. It’s great to see how much he has developed in confidence.