Loyalty, talent and enthusiasm are just some of the assets people with health conditions and disabilities bring to work.

At Pluss we offer a FREE comprehensive disability employment service tailored to employers.
Yet, we are different to a recruitment agency; there is no fee and we offer longer-term support.


  • Get the right staff with the right skills.
    By working closely with you, we will match the needs of your business to the skills of our jobseekers. We will identify and pre-screen people with the ability, talent and motivation to
    do your jobs.
  • Minimise risk; save time and money.
    Check you have the right person by letting them do a work trial for a few weeks (supported
    by us). There is no charge and no obligation. If it works out – you can offer them the job.
  • Cost-free trainees.
    The Pluss Traineeship® programme offers you a time-bound trainee at no cost. It allows
    your trainee extra time and support to develop their skills. The final aim is that they become
    a fully skilled and integral part of your business.
  • Funding towards adjustments.
    Access funding towards work related adaptations, support or equipment.

Supporting you all the way

Once in post, our tailor-made support will help your employee reach their full potential.

We provide:

  • Support for you and your new employee.
    To settle and develop into their new role.
  • Regular review meetings.
    To monitor progress and resolve any work related issues.
  • Disability Awareness.
    Advice and guidance on disability in the workplace.
  • Free ‘On the job’ training.
    1:1 coaching to help your supported employees learn and develop.
  • Qualifications.
    Training tailored to your business. It can be sector or company specific.

Whatever you need to make it work – our support will remain with you until you and your employee are settled, happy and confident that you no longer need us.