Engaged and building friendships - Megan's Story

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Megan was referred to the Work and Health Programme by her local Jobcentre Plus, and attended her welcome meeting in September 2018.

After completion of the online self-assessment, she revealed that she had an anxiety disorder and depression; something she had chosen not to speak about with her doctor.

Megan lived at home with her parents, had no routine in her life and rarely left the house. She had however, attended a local college and had gained a Diploma in Medical Science. Her goal was to work within a medical environment, ideally as a Laboratory Assistant.

Initially Megan was withdrawn and struggled to engage fully in the programme. However, after supporting her through a job search drop-in, she became aware of the opportunities that were within her capabilities.

We created a new CV emphasising her key skills, qualifications and participation in team activities. We talked through how job boards worked, how to post her CV, and build her job search criteria. Additionally, Megan has attended a five-week confidence building course and started to achieve the small goals she has set herself. She is now engaging fully and building good friendships in her job search group.

Through employer engagement activity, a contact was made at a local hospital. They confirmed that they were screening for apprenticeships. Although Megan's qualification could have excluded her, her case was still escalated and she was invited to an assessment day.

To help Megan prepare, we completed a questionnaire that guides you to where you should work within a hospital environment. We discussed dress code and travel plans, gave best practice ideas on successful participation in an assessment centre, and interview techniques.

Megan was successful and was asked to the second stage of the process - another interview and the opportunity to shadow someone within the hospital laboratory. Unfortunately, she was advised by email that she had been unsuccessful this time. Whilst feeling disappointed, Megan sent an admirable email requesting feedback, understanding how useful that information will be.

Megan is in discussion about different options that may eventually lead to a clinical hospital role. She understands that she may need to take a different route, and she is now proactively applying herself in ways that will help her to achieve her long-term goals.

Keep up the amazing work, Megan.

The Work and Health Programme is co-financed by the European Social Fund.