"I love my job" - Chase's Story

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Chase was referred to the Work and Health Programme by his local Jobcentre to support him into paid employment.

Chase had not worked for a number of years and did not have the appropriate paperwork to allow him to work in this country.

Gaining a biometric residence permit was a very lengthy process which required numerous telephone calls and filling in forms, all of which Chase needed support with. His literacy and use of a computer were very limited so he needed a lot of one-to-one support. Throughout the whole process Chase has been extremely cooperative and engaged really well on the programme.

In Chase's own words, “I was looking for work for about five years and I was getting really fed up as I really wanted to work. I was referred to the Work and Health Programme and started working with my Change Coach who set up an action plan and we worked towards finding me a job.

"I did volunteering to get some work experience, and I was supported by my Change Coach with my job searching and applying for jobs because I am not very good at reading and writing or using a computer. 

"He found me a potential job at a local motorway service station and spoke to the Catering Manager to set me up with an interview. My Change Coach spent time preparing me for the interview, which he took me to, to give me support. I was given a work trial - I did really well and was offered a job as a Kitchen Porter. I then had problems because I did not have a biometric residence permit so my Change Coach spoke to the employer and they agreed to keep the job open for me.

"It took a long time to complete the process, but my Change Coach supported me and helped me fill in all the paperwork. He also supported me with the money to get my card. Finally, after weeks of waiting, it came through. I am now employed and I love my job! I work very hard, I have done a deep clean of the kitchen and I work to a high standard.

"I can call on my Change Coach anytime for help if I need it. I feel much happier earning money and I can move forward thanks to the help I have received". 

The Work and Health Programme is co-financed by the European Social Fund.