"I'm happy with the help I've received" - Blake's Story

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Blake joined the Work and Health Programme in October 2018.

Blake has Autism and also contends with the challenges of social anxiety. Blake finds
travelling any distance on public transport a real challenge, as well as going to places
he is not familiar with.

Today, for the first time since 2014, Blake travelled independently by bus from his home
to our meeting at a local college. All previous meetings with his Change Coach
have been conducted at his local library, which is within cycling distance of his home.
Blake had previously attended the college in 2014 and had managed to complete a
course he was taking, but was not in a good place emotionally at the time.

This is such a big step for Blake, and although he has recently travelled farther afield
to a music performance and taken a day-trip out in September, both of these were
done with the accompaniment of a friend.

We are now looking to consolidate his amazing progress. In future, Blake will now travel
to the college for our meetings - this will help to build his confidence, resilience and help
him when he is looking for a job, particularly to feel more confident travelling to work.

Blake says "So far I am happy with the help and support that I have received on
the Work and Health Programme. My Change Coaches have listened to what I have
been telling them. They appear to have taken everything on board, are supportive and
understand where I am coming from, and what I wish to achieve".

Keep up the fantastic work Blake!

The Work and Health Programme is co-financed by the European Social Fund.