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"I'm looking forward to the future" - Lester's Story

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Lester joined the Work and Health Programme in January 2019. He now has a job as an NHS Quality Checker.

Lester has a complicated medical history. He has a condition called Dandy-Walker Cyst Syndrome which has caused Hydrocephalus. Lester spent many years as a child in and out of hospital and had over 30 operations, including heart and brain operations. These conditions also caused Lester to have ADHD and Autism. This meant that schooling was difficult for him.

Lester was referred to Seetec Pluss in January by his local Jobcentre. Lester felt comfortable and welcome when he first came in and met his Assistant Change Coach and Change Coach. At 30 years old, and due to the nature of his conditions, Lester had never worked so they agreed he would attend a Seetec Pluss employability course.

Seetec Pluss sourced a job with Devon Link Up as an NHS Quality Checker. Lester and his Change Coach completed the application together and liaised with the manager as the closing date had passed. Lester was successful at the interview and started work in March. Lester’s job involves checking facilities, such as signs and access, to make sure that they are disability-friendly and it involves a lot of travel.

Lester had recently been selected by his manager to attend an NHS board meeting, which included commissioners and managers, to give a talk about his job. He wrote it himself and presented it in front of all these people. This was a real highlight and Lester did a fantastic job.

Lester is looking forward to the future. He hopes that a job with more hours and a career path comes from his current job. He feels it has also shown him how capable he really is.

Lester’s wife has noticed how his confidence levels have increased, and this has made him more sure of himself and he has more faith in his abilities.

The Work and Health Programme is co-financed by the European Social Fund.
Names have been changed.

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