"It's great to feel useful again" - Clive's Story

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Clive is 62 years old and has just found paid work with Marks and Spencer. 

Before he came to Seetec Pluss, Clive had been out of work since 2012 and was feeling despondent. He felt as though he was only ‘riding it out until retirement’.

Together with his Change Coach, Clive worked on his motivation, focused on his transferable skills and looked to ensure he had the skills and documentation to apply for jobs. He also completed a Work Skills course and an IT level 1 course. He then felt ready to update his CV and attend job fairs.

Clive attended short workshops with Seetec Pluss such as Healthy Eating and Interview Skills which improved his knowledge. He also did a lot of 1:1 job preparation with his Change Coach.

Seetec Pluss helped Clive to work on his self-presentation and with support and encouragement, he started to wear his teeth and had a hair cut. Clive started to apply for many positions, initially without success, so we worked together on the feedback from these employers to improve presentation and interview skills for the next time.

The opportunity to try a work trial at Marks and Spencer under the 'Marks and Start' programme had been secured for another participant but they had been unable to attend so his Change Coach called Clive and offered him the placement at short notice.

Clive decided quickly that he would like to try this and attended the office to complete the paperwork the next day, meeting with the employer the day after. The meeting went really well and Clive started his placement at Marks and Spencer’s the following week. Clive enjoyed the placement and really hoped that he would secure a job at the end of it.

Clive was delighted to be offered a 20 hour a week temporary contract with the offer of overtime, working as a Stockroom and Deliveries Assistant.

He is really enjoying the role and was so happy that he had a pay-cheque to spend on Christmas. A great example of how a voluntary work experience programme can lead on to paid employment.

Clive has said that it is great to feel useful again and it has given him a confidence boost. He has also really enjoyed meeting new people and working in a team after being unemployed for some time.

Store manager, Daniel Shelton, has said that this has been a great opportunity for both Clive and the store. 

Clive's Progression Coach added that it has been a real pleasure to work with Clive. He has worked really hard to make the placement a huge success.

Marks and Start is an employability programme which supports people facing barriers to employment. It started in 2004 and has grown to support over 2000 people each year by providing 2-4 weeks of training and work experience in Marks and Spencer's stores and offices. Seetec Pluss is one of the partner organisations that is working with Marks and Spencer to support those that face these barriers to employment.

The Work and Health programme is co-financed by the European Social Fund.