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Lockdown - A moment in time

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One participant who is supported within our mental health team has proven that with determination and belief, we can all get through this strange time successfully.

Whilst never finding it easy, our participant is managing to achieve over and above her own expectations. Faced with living in her own space, with just her dog for company was always going to be a challenge. Having always found it hard to complete daily tasks this was going to be a demanding time. Daily reminders from family members to eat meals was thankfully already in place. Day-to-day life had to go on……

We talked openly together with the team and decided that perhaps a journal may help, making sure that reminders were in place to wash, dress and eat. We came up with the idea of creating a journal and timetable to follow each day. This would serve as a reaminder to do daily tasks and help to keep life as normal as possible, whilst also using this same resource to write down feelings.

Leaning on previous learning, we supported our participant to score her mood daily, and to recognise when her mood was slipping. Being resilient enough to look back at the notes and guidance helped her to challenge any negativity and look for a positive way forward.

Amazingly and not without wobbles, this journal is proving to be a great strength. Our participant recognises the need to share her good practice with family members and also to continue to provide support to the community within a local group, many with day-to-day struggles. She is using her own personal experience to help encourage these people to never give up hope, being a listening ear for them as well as offering strategies to help - the same ones she uses herself daily.

Every one of us is finding this a difficult time, but despite her own daily battles, our participant shows such remarkable courage. She underestimates how far she has come and we are so proud to support her during this time and beyond as she moves on to the next chapter in her life.

Having already secured a voluntary role in the community, she is inspirational. Recovery is a journey and hers is well and truly on its way to a rainbow.

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