Pluss has changed my life - Natasha's story

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Natasha, 19, came to Pluss in 2018.

Natasha told us she had to leave her previous job as an administrator due to having seizures. 

Natasha says "I didnt think I would get employed after losing my job. Since coming to Pluss I have learnt new things, had the opportunity to meet others and now have a sense of purpose.

"Now, I can write cover letters on my own and know how to update my CV, adapting it to different jobs. I have learnt interview skills. I have also recently completed a Level two BTEC work skills qualification. People are so much nicer than I thought - the Pluss staff are so nice!"

Natasha applied for several jobs and had a full day interview at a special educational needs school. Although Natasha did not gain the position she says she gained valuable experience. The Head Teacher said Natasha presented herself older than her years and had she had a little more experience she would have gained the position. 

Because of this, Natasha is now more confident about applying for work and is also volunteering at her martial arts club doing administration and training work. Natasha also has her own website and has even written a book which has been published.

"Being at Pluss has changed my life and had a positive impact. I want to get a job, stop having seizures, have a family and find the secret of immortality so my hamster wont die - he is a very good listener!"

Natasha also wants to write a story book and do a tour with her poetry. 

Good luck with achieving your dreams, Natasha! 

The Work and Health Programme is co-financed by the European Social Fund.