Pluss mobility showroom update

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We are pleased to announce that on 1st July 2017 the Pluss Mobility Showroom in Plymouth was transferred to new ownership .

The new owner is Guideposts Trust, a national mental health and social care charity that has been supporting communities for over 40 years. The shop will now be known as a Mi-Life centre, adding to the other four in Oxford, Coventry, Kettering and Blandford. They provide high quality assistive equipment, home assessments and delivery.

In each shop you will also be offered the HERE service. This complements the Mi-Life centre by providing information
and advice for those with long term health conditions, and their carers. From understanding a condition and managing finances, to accessing the right care and planning for the future, HERE helps from diagnosis to the later stages of a condition.

Even though the shop is changing ownership, it will still operate from the same premises at Mount Gould Hospital with Nigel and Julie offering the same friendly and personally tailored service.

For more information please contact Mi-Life on 0333 777 2690 or you can also visit their website at