A sense of purpose - Jackson's Story

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Jackson joined the Work and Health Programme in August 2018.

Jackson has a condition called MELAS, which has resulted in him having had two strokes with associated loss of hearing and vision.

Jackson had been a self-employed plumber before he became unwell. He is now unable to continue to be a plumber due to the effects on his health and memory after the strokes. Also, as a result of his condition, Jackson is no longer able to drive.

Jackson was unsure of what work he could now do. Since joining the Work and Health Programme he has been exploring the options now possible for him. Jackson has admitted to having depression, and is frustrated by his condition and how it affects him. He feels he is no longer able to be a plumber and now lives with his father - he had to give up his own flat, and lives in a place where he said he doesn't really know anyone and feels isolated.

Jackson and his Change Coach looked at opportunities for Jackson to interact with others. Jackson has started to volunteer at a local charity shop and has had the opportunity to take a Level 2 Customer Service course offered by the charity shop for its staff and volunteers.

Jackson is really enjoying his volunteering at the charity shop. He told me that after always having worked since he was sixteen, he has found it really difficult adjusting to not working.

He loves going to the charity shop as it gives him a sense of purpose, and allows him to expand his social circle and interact with both staff and customers. He said that coming to Pluss regularly also gives him a space to talk and interact with people, which he really appreciates and values. 

The Work and Health Programme is co-financed by the European Social Fund.