"Such a good feeling!" - Carla's Story

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Carla joined the Work and Health Programme in January 2019. She now has a job at Poundland.

Carla has Asperger's and feels she needs an understanding employer as she likes to stick to a routine. Sometimes she needs extra time to learn different jobs and finds large crowds difficult.

Carla was referred to Seetec Pluss to support her to find paid work as she was getting interviews but, due to her lack of confidence and anxiety, was not securing employment. She had also left her last role due to being bullied.

Carla and her Change Coach met up regularly to work on building her confidence and they discussed other support that might help with her issues. They also discussed the Wiltshire Health team and the Prince's Trust to help her gain confidence and mix with others to support her social skills.

At Carla's re-assessments, they also looked at training with Genius Within. She also signed up to the Digital College for qualifications in Customer Service and Retail, as she wanted to do this type of work and was keen to gain the relevant qualifications.

Carla and her Change Coach spoke about a bike workshop at Julian House and had started the process of referring her when Carla found paid employment. She went for an interview at Poundland and was offered a 16-hour contract starting in March. Her role is working on the tills and keeping the shop clean and tidy.

Carla said, “Getting paid work has increased my confidence and social skills and I really enjoy chatting and interacting with the customers, especially the older customers”.

Carla is unique and really good at what she does. She has come a long way, her customer service is great and she gets the job done. Sometimes Carla needs to take her time to work through things, but she gets there. Her employer at Poundland is delighted with Carla and highly recommends Disability Confident to other employers as he feels this makes the workplace far more accessible and equal.

In July, Carla attended a Disability Confident event in Melksham alongside her Manager and Michelle Donelan MP. Carla spoke in public about her journey into work and absolutely stole the show!

Carla stated, "Seetec Pluss has been very supportive in helping me to find paid work, it was good to meet up on a regular basis and discuss my issues. I found my confidence in working with Seetec Pluss. It's nice to have an income, I have increased my hours and I am off benefits - it's such a good feeling!

The Work and Health Programme is co-financed by the European Social Fund.
Names have been changed.