Mike's story

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Photo of Mike

"Hi, my name is Mike and I am the Safe Place worker for the South and West of Devon.

"When I had the job interview I was a little nervous to start with but soon relaxed into it because the interviewers were very nice people.

"Both me and my wife were very happy and pleased about me getting the job with Devon Link Up and SAFE. I’ve learned a great deal of information and have attended two Blue Light days so far.

"I enjoyed meeting a lot of people and telling them about the scheme and meeting the police and crime commissioner, Tony Hogg.

"I’m enjoying the work and I’m looking forward to talking to schools in the future. I’m also looking forward to working with the police and fire service to keep Devon a safe place."

Jo Morgan, Manager, Devon Link Up

"Devon Link Up has been working with Devon and Cornwall Police, and the fire service charity SAFE to update the Devon Safe Places Scheme. 

"We were delighted to receive funding with the help of SAFE to employ Mike as a Safe Place worker.  He has fitted in really well and is a valued member of the Devon Link Up team. 

"To ensure the interview process was fair we were delighted to work with Dave Evans from the Fire Service who has experience working with people with learning disabilities. Dave sat on the selection panel alongside the a Devon Link Up member and the manager. We spent an interesting day interviewing all the candidates and it was great that our decision was unanimous and we were able to offer Mike the role of Safe Place worker.

"During the induction period it has been invaluable to have the support of Michelle from Pluss who supported Mike to settle in to his new role.  Michelle understands when Mike may need additional time or is feeling anxious which was essential at the start because the work is very varied and no two weeks seem to be the same! 

"Michelle is also a brilliant source of help to Mike around his benefit entitlement and without her input we would probably have hit problems in this area as we do not have the necessary knowledge to work out all the complexities involved. 

"We can see the change in Mike as his confidence has grown in the role. He has attended events and is confident talking to others about the scheme and how it is helping people with learning disabilities in Devon.

"As an organisation we would have no hesitation in employing other people with learning disabilities and look forward to the days when we are able to do so."