Alan's Story

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Alan Marable, 57, from Shepton Mallet, is a Lobby Host at McDonalds in Street.

Pluss delivers Work Choice, the Department for Work and Pensions specialist disability employment programme. Work Choice receives funding from the European Social Fund for customers referred to the programme prior to 25th April 2017.

Alan's words

“My job is customer service and keeping McDonalds clean, including front of house, car park and toilets.

“I have got a pace maker and rheumatism in my chest. Sometimes I have trouble catching my breath and it takes me a few hours to get going in the morning.

“I used to be an HGV mechanic, but had to give up my job as I wasn’t allowed near welding equipment or high voltage electrical stuff.

“I was out of work for two and a half years, I had a couple of jobs but had to keep giving them up due to my health. I kept on getting short of breath. Mechanics is a hard job and I couldn’t keep up anymore. It made me feel like I was a failure. I had been doing it for 40 years and suddenly I couldn’t do it anymore.

“As a result, I suffered from depression and anxiety and went into a real low. I was really down. I would be sat in the house on my own for days on end and didn’t think I would work again. I tried for other jobs but employers said I was too skilled and I wouldn’t stay.

“Then I found Pluss. They helped me update my CV and interview techniques – my last interview was 30 years ago. They also supported me at interviews and supplied me with interview clothes.

“I needed a change of career so had an interview with Nikki here and it all rolled on from there. It was a leap of faith on my part to find something different and I am so glad I did. Now I have found my niche in life. I enjoy meeting new people and the people I work with – they are brilliant.

“Being back at work has given me the confidence to get up, to get out and do something rather than sitting at home festering. Now I’ve got a routine. I’m up and about and meeting people. I have also lost four stone in a year – and I am going to lose six stone more.

“I still have my down days, but now I can cope, as I know I am coming to a happy and safe environment where people actually listen to you.”

Nikki Murden, Shift Manager, Street McDonalds, (part of the Lambtrad Franchise)

“Alan is a very well respected and valued part of the team. He is reliable, trustworthy, does his job well and is good with the customers.”