Seb's Story

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Seb Bell, 23, from Barnstaple, is a Kitchen Porter at The Imperial Hotel. 

Seb is hard working, friendly and a highly valued member of the Imperial Hotel team.

He has dyspraxia and complex learning disabilities.

Pluss delivers Work Choice, the Department for Work and Pensions specialist disability employment programme. Work Choice receives funding from the European Social Fund for customers referred to the programme prior to 25th April 2017.

Seb’s words

“I am a Kitchen Porter. I do dishes, pots and keep the kitchen clean and tidy.

“What I most like about my job is keeping the hotel tidy and seeing my friends here. I have good communication skills, am good at listening and am always on time for work. I am also helpful around customers and work colleagues as well.

“Before this I was on Project SEARCH (an internship scheme based at North Devon Hospital). When this finished, I was looking for work but it was hard to find a job that suited me. 

“I have dyspraxia and a learning disability. I have never let my disability get me down but I did really struggle with maths at school.

“Then I saw this job on the Imperial Facebook page and went in with my CV. Pluss came with me to interview and I was offered the job. I was so happy. I live with my Mum and Dad and they were very happy too. 

“Pluss gave me training and photo sheets of my tasks. They came in to show me how things should be done. Once I had learnt my job they still came in to see me regularly. 

“Now, it feels really good to be working. Getting up in the morning and going to work with a smile on my face. I have progressed really well and earning my own wage is really good. I am proud of myself for getting a job.

“Now that I have progressed into unsupported employment, Pluss have given me £250 to award to the charity my choice and I want to give it to my old school, Lampard’s. They have just started up a choir so I want to give the money to them. It is just my way of giving my happiness about this job back to them.”

William Sherwin, Hotel Manager, Imperial Hotel

“Seb came to us on a four month traineeship and is now a permanent member of staff.

“Seb is a fantastic employee, a real asset to the hotel and we hope he stays with us for a long time. He can do all the tasks required, and is always positive, friendly and chats to everyone. We are a good family here and he is certainly part of it. He is a very likeable chap and valued member of the team.  He also occasionally goes to work at other group hotels to help out. In fact, they have started requesting him!

“He had a few teething difficulties at the start but Pluss came in and supported both of us. Now Seb has really grown, both in confidence and as a person. He has made friends and it is really good to see that. They are all really nice lads and they look out for each other. 

“Pluss have been brilliant; very supportive. They spent time going through each of the tasks of the role and went through everything with him. Now he knows it all.”

Craig Middleton, Head Chef

“Seb has come on leaps and bounds since he first started. He is one of the gang and passionate about what he does. It is nothing but positive.

“He is reliable, punctual and always happy, friendly and polite… even though he supports Aston Villa!

“When he first started with us he was quiet and unsure. His confidence wasn’t that high. Now he has really come out of his shell – he even helps us to train up new recruits and shows them what to do.”