Alexis' Story

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Alexis Hamer, 41 from Ilfracombe, is General Assistant at Tesco in Ilfracombe. His job involves stock taking, pulling stock forward and trolleys. 

Alexis started at Tesco on a Pluss Traineeship and has just been offered a position as a permanent employee. 

Alexis has Autistic Spectrum Disorder and a hearing impairment. Because of his disability, Alexis has a fantastic long-term memory, an amazing attention to detail and is totally committed to getting the job right.

In store, he knows every staff members name and they all love him. 

Alexis is extremely likeable, enthusiastic, polite, reliable and sincere.

Pluss delivers Work Choice, the Department for Work and Pensions specialist disability employment programme. Work Choice receives funding from the European Social Fund for customers referred to the programme prior to 25th April 2017.

Alexis’ words

“I have just finished a traineeship at Tesco and am now starting work as a permanent employee so I am very excited. 

Working here has helped me to be less rigid. I now try to avoid embarrassing black-and-white situations and instead live in a happy grey zone, so that I can be ready for whichever tasks I may be asked to do while at work.

It’s been good working here. I have definitely noticed that I feel happier now that I am in work. 

Everyone has been so nice, and I felt comfortable working with everyone in the Pluss team."

Emma Harrop, Alexis’ Manager

Alexis is very thorough, with fantastic attention-to-detail.

I find very few employees give a full 100%  but Alexis absolutely does. He is a very quick, very hard worker.

“He is always on time, and always shows up. He has had no absences and does everything that he is asked to. 

The brilliant thing about Alexis is that he only ever needs to be shown how to do something once. He has a fantastic memory.

“Since starting work Alexis has improved in areas such as his complete perfectionism – he now realises that he does not have to do a task in an utterly perfect manner (though he still tries to do so). He realises this now and still does his job to an extremely high stand while being more flexible.

 “Working with Pluss has been fine. I would definitely do it again. The work they do is amazing and I would recommend them to other employers.’’

Mrs L A Coombes, Tesco Customer

“I am a very regular customer at Tesco’s in Ilfracombe.  

“I first met Alexis when he helped me reach some milk that was at the back of the top shelf. I interrupted him as he was cleaning and tidying the dairy shelves. He was extremely helpful and courteous and gave me the impression that nothing was too much trouble and that he was very happy to help.

“Since then I have seen him on numerous occasions and he always greets me with a super smile and a cheery hello.

“Alexis is the perfect example of someone who gives excellent customer service and who you would be happy to ask for help.

“I sincerely hope that Tesco are as satisfied with Alexis as an employee and representative of their organisation as I am with his service as a customer, I am happy to have the chance to give praise where praise is due.”