Brian's Story

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Brian Carbine, 34 from Ilfracombe, is a Kitchen Assistant at Donnington and Primrose House (part of Stone Haven Healthcare Ltd).

Brian is hard working, sincere and down to earth.

Pluss delivers Work Choice, the Department for Work and Pensions specialist disability employment programme. Work Choice receives funding from the European Social Fund for customers referred to the programme prior to 25th April 2017.

Brian’s words

“I’m a human dishwasher. I do deep cleaning in the kitchen. I really like the job and everyone is fantastic here. I have also achieved an NVQ level two in kitchen support.

“I’m a down to earth person and I get on well with everyone here – staff and residents. I am the joker and I’ve made lots of new friends. 

“I was working for a delivery company previously but I had two mini-strokes and had to leave to look after my health. After this I found nobody would employ me.

“I was just sitting indoors and went down hill from there. It was me and four walls  I got so bored. I tried to look for work but kept being rejected. I was very disappointed because everyone deserves a second chance. I thought it would be impossible to get back into work. 

“Pluss helped me to build my confidence. I went to Café Info sessions which helped me to get ready for interviews and to communicate with others.

“I started doing a work trial at the Pluss factory in Barnstaple but it wasn’t for me. Then I found this job. I went through the process of three weeks training and got my DBS check. I started a traineeship but it finished early as I did so well and I was offered employment. 

“Being back in work feels great. I love it. Having worked all my life, being out of work for two years was really bad. Now I have a new sense of purpose. I am more awake and alive. I hold myself differently.”

Mary Horsfield, Manager, Donnington and Primrose House (part of Stone Haven Healthcare Ltd)

“Brian is a Kitchen Assistant and Domestic. He is happy, cheerful and very pleasant with the residents. They like him. His timekeeping is good and he is very reliable.

“He knows he has to keep on top of his tasks in the kitchen for Health and Safety reasons. He is very diligent and his confidence has really come on too. He has a lot of certificates that demonstrate his skills.

“The reason we like to get our staff from Pluss is they know what they are doing and have the qualifications to prove it. They get on well with the team. Heather comes in once or twice a week and has a chat with me and makes sure everything is okay. I would definitely recommend them.”