"This job is exactly what I wanted" - James' Story

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Photo of JamesJames Batten, 24 from Exeter, is loving his job with Pluss as a Developer of our Client Management System (CMS)

“Pluss is a great place to work", says James. "Everyone is really friendly and they’ve been very inclusive.

"I’ve been here for about 14 months - another employee mentored me and helped me learn the skills of the trade. It’s been a great experience.

“My job involves using industry technology to build the CMS system which allows us to record and interact with clients. It’s really good, I’m feeling challenged and I am learning a lot of new things. It’s given me a good opportunity to prove myself and that I am capable of doing things.

“Previously I had standard jobs like kitchen portering, sorting bed linen and making beds in a caravan park. They weren’t my kind of career jobs.

"This job is exactly what I was pursuing as I have B-TEC, foundation degree and BSc qualifications. This is what I wanted to do and Pluss have given me an excellent opportunity to do it.”